Pink Tank Project

My partner is Eleazar Delgado, a Miami-based artist who grew up in Venezuela. Right now there is a horrible genocide happening and the dictatorship isn't allowing information out of the country to get to the International community. I propose a public art/performance art method to get the community informed, engaged and active to start humanitarian efforts.

There was an incident when one of the military tanks in a storage yard was painted pink by a protestor, an awesome act of public art in its own right. It put the idea in my head to have small toy pink tanks with a QR code that will lead to a web site with information and ways for people to connect and help.

These tanks would be left out, almost like a "free art Friday" sort of find. Prominent public places are to be the goal and I also have the support of my good friends from Front Yard Theatre, a performance group that stages in public & unexpected places, Their part is to have pop up shows at various events and city epicenters to engage the captive audience.

Funded by Miami, FL (May 2014)