Spark Girls Mentorship Program.

Creating a safe and secure environment to inspire girls to lighten up their communities and discover their potentials.

This is a grassroot program which is seeking to empower girls in high risks situations so as to empower their peers through a mentoring designed program which includes digital mentoring(visual,audio,global changemakers stories and motivations).

The mentorship program will act as a glimpse of hope to rural young girls as they will be exposed to curriculum based and one-on-one mentorship which incooperates trainings on:
1.Self-esteem and self confidence building
2.Human rights and peace building
3.Community service and development
4.Goal orientation and Women's issues
5.Leadership skills and sexual health.

1.To enable the girls to know of their rights and be able to defend themselves and others and be the voice of the voiceless in their communities.

2.To empower a girl inorder to create a positive change and a ripple effect around her.

3.To have positive role models for young women who encourages their ambition,self confidence and supported growth,girls are inspired to achieve more through guidanceeither from community sheroes,international change agents or inspirational global stories.

4.To nurture girls to realise the impact they can have inspite of their background standing

1.For girls to expand their horizons and harness true capabilities.
2.For girls to have positive attitudes towarsds science and technical subjects in schools.
3.For girls to develop a deep understanding of their rights.
4.For girls to see life beyond their situations aiming for higher achievements and thinking out of the box.

Three(3) trainings per month with twenty(20) girls participants,two volunteers and one facilitator.

*The program will be implemented in a rural school with participants ranging from 12-18years,the program is sustainable in the sense that we are able to follow the girls from primary final grade level,through high school and onto college at which point will encourage thepast beneficiaries to come back as mentors to other girls.In addition,this project is replicable can be replicable in various schools henceforth,reaching more girls.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (February 2014)