Synced Musical shoes for kids to run in harmony!

Some kids have cool shoes with glowing LEDS when they step. Nike+ shoes also measure step rate etc. We want to achieve a simple mission:

Bring the world to life with music.

Imagine James walking down the street. Every step plays a note of the violin section of Peter and the Wolf. Inexpensive leaf sensors in his shoes send wireless impulses to a small speaker mounted on his belt. He skips in time to the music.

James sees his mate Danielle in the playground. They walk up to each other. James' system automatically syncs up to Danielle's and now every step Daniel makes, he starts playing the flute voice.

The other kids turn round and all join in! There's a whole orchestra playing based of kids running around and having fun.

It's synaesthesia. It's music. It's exercise. All rolled into one.

We want to teach the world to sing again and bring joy to the hearts of everyone who takes part or witnesses this.

The money would help. If we didn't receive the money we'd hope you could assist with publicising it and working with other previous winners, we see crossover with Art Therapy and free cakes for Kids. Also, I think it's a wonderful one for the whole Awesome network.

Prototype one: A little metal player harp like they sell in Utility that plays 'Hey Jude' araldited onto a belt with metal buckle. Camera shutter release cable araldited in line to turn the harp one notch with every step.

This project is Prototype two, with 2-3 functional units synced and talking to each other so 2-3 kids can run around making up a song.

Funded by Liverpool (January 2014)