iMBY Storage Project

The founding principle of iMBY is the recognition and understanding that someone is no less our brother, sister, or neighbor because they are unhoused…and so, we welcome them with open arms into our backyards.

iMBY Storage Project is designed to relieve some of the burden of being on the streets by providing a space for the unhoused to store their belongings via a decentralized network of storage options. The project is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2024, with “iMBY-nauts” (imby volunteers) throughout Albuquerque proper, our pilot city, graciously allowing their allied business and organizations, faith-based institutions, service centers, and homes to be used as iMBY storage locations for our unhoused neighbors.

The project was inspired by our brother Bill, who approached the founder of iMBY, Ian Mentken, asking if he had any storage space he could use to store his things. Ian had no storage to offer, however he reasoned he could buy a lockable storage unit that could be secured to the house via a chain or cable that Bill could access at his convenience. Bill was excited by the idea, and shortly thereafter the first iMBY pilot project was born. For over a year, Bill came and went, storing his bedding, toiletries, and other possessions by day, and collecting them from the locker at night. Bill eventually found a job, and then permanent housing, and his life on the streets mercifully came to an end. Bill was very grateful for the storage system we arranged and didn't think he would have been able to get off the streets as easily without it.

Funded by Homelessness (March 2024)