Martial Arts & Self Defense for Refugee Kids

I am working to create a martial arts and self defense program for refugee children and teens. I began this program months ago, when Chicago's refugee population skyrocketed and I noticed an increase in young refugees with very few positive outlets. I welcomed several youth into my gym, Mission MMA and Fitness, and quickly learned of the growing need.

I decided to launch a more formal program to better reach and serve these youth. This program will be open children and teenagers who arrived to the US as refugees or asylum-seekers. All participants will be given martial arts gear and access to classes 3x/wk. Classes will include kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-defense, with a special women-only self defense program for young women and girls.

This program has the potential to reach hundreds of Chicago youth! Our team is excited to welcome these kids into our gym community as soon as we have the funds to make it happen.

Funded by Chicago, IL (February 2024)