New books for kids in need

We have a very simple model. First Book - Philadelphia is the only source of new books for many children and is regarded as a precious resource by parents and literacy program directors in Philadelphia. Our Advisory Board, composed of citizens from a variety of professional backgrounds, meets regularly and identifies with programs from all over the Delaware Valley - including after-school programs, school classrooms, and summer reading camps - that meet our criteria for free books. We would select one of these deserving recipient groups to be our "Awesome Kids Read!" program and receive 400 new books, thanks to The Awesome Foundation. How awesome is that! Our Advisory Board liaison would stay connected with this recipient group, making a site visit when the books are delivered and confirming that "Awesome Kids Read!", thanks to The Awesome Foundation. We would also collect an evaluation at the end of the distribution period.
The books would be selected by a literacy instructor for his or her group of children from The FIrst Book Marketplace, which is run by FIrst Book National and allows us to provide books from nearly every major publisher in the country. The instructor will choose the books and incorporate lessons to go with the books. At the end of the lessons, the books will go home with the kids and become their personal property.

Funded by Philadelphia, PA (September 2013)