HacKIDemia- Berlin

A hole in the wall in Kreutzberg (based on famous projects of Sugata Mitra in India -http://www.ted.com/pages/prizewinner_sugata_mitra ) we want to install a learning station in one of the walls of an underprivileged public schools of Kreutzberg (in the Rosa Luxemburg Schule). The learning station is set up in an outdoor playground setting which children can access at any time. It ensures that girls, who would generally not be sent to close room housing a computer, can now easily access the Learning Station in an open setting.

The playground setting offers a host of other advantages. Unconditional access to Learning Stations ensures that both children in-school and out-of-school can use them. Another advantage is that the unstructured nature of this setting also ensures that children themselves take ownership of the Learning Station by forming self-organized groups who learn on their own. Finally an unsupervised setting ensures that the entire process of learning is learner-centric and is driven by a child’s natural curiosity.

On the learning station computer the children will have access to filtered internet connection, learning activities in science, craft, art, challenges and hands on projects they can do in their community (extract DNA from fruits, take a picture and show the result, etc ).

The children will also be able to browse and see other similar projects done by other children around the world in the hands-on workshops organised by HacKIDemia.

Funded by Berlin (September 2013)