Queerly It’s Lipedema

We’re creating a podcast to share the experiences and perspectives of queer and transgender folks living with lipedema (a chronic, progressive painful fat disorder that almost exclusively impacts people assigned female at birth). Our podcast will explore how being queer and trans presents particular challenges to interfacing with the medical system and lipedema support spaces, as well as the intersecting challenges of white supremacy, mental health, racism, ableism, fatphobia, transphobia, homophobia, classism, healthism, etc.

The podcast is hosted by me, MP Vare, (a white, trans non-binary person living with chronic PTSD, bipolar 2, and lipedema who navigates the world through the lens of yoga and its therapeutic applications) and Andy Kuhlmann (a white transmasculine person living with ADHD and lipedema who works as a psychotherapist).

Episodes formats will include:

The hosts’ personal stories and experiences on a variety of topics such as complete decongestive therapy, liposuction surgery, and finding trans affirming providers

General education about lipedema and treatment options (and how being queer or trans impacts these)

Interviews with queer and trans folks living with lipedema

Interviews with care providers who support folks with living with lipedema (for example physical therapists, mental health providers, nutritionists, personal trainers, and meditation teachers), every effort will be made to identify queer and trans care providers for these conversations

Hot takes and queer and trans perspectives on other health and wellness media (podcasts, books, art, etc.)

Connect with them at QueerlyItsLipedema@Gmail.com

What our grantee is saying: "Receiving this grant allows us to move our project from idea to action. We’ve got a list of people we’re very excited to approach for interviews. Due to the labor involved in living with, and sharing our experiences about, chronic illness, we’re grateful your funds will allow us to offer our guests an honorarium. Deep gratitude, Awesome Foundation! It’s so affirming that you believe in the merit of Queerly It’s Lipedema."

Funded by Disability (July 2023)