Compassion Kitchens Inc

We have just founded and received our 501c3 status for a brand new awesome nonprofit named "Compassion Kitchens". Our mission is to support community kitchens that are providing meals to homeless children. We are 100% volunteer powered and any money received will be used to purchase food for the kitchens we are supporting in Colombia. We currently are trying to purchase 250 kilos of rice and lentils every month to keep the kitchen cooking, but unfortunately do not have the funding needed at this moment.
By supporting this awesome project the money not only is used to help provide the much needed meals for children in need, but also helps support a new nonprofit that has big plans and dreams for the coming years to begin ending a daily hunger and struggle for thousands of children.
Our main partnership kitchen who we are doing our best to continue to support is located on the outskirts of one of the largest homeless encampments in South America. They currently are feeding 300 homeless children daily but are struggling staying afloat due to lack of food and donations. Our goal this year is to purchase enough food for them on a monthly basis to help them stay open, at least for a few days a week. I visited this kitchen and volunteered with them earlier this year and the work they do is absolutely awesome and I want nothing more then to make sure the kids there continue to have meals to eat.
We received our 501c3 status July 19 and have a small but super awesome team. We also have the systems and strategy all ready completely set up to purchase the food for our partnership kitchens and have already made multiple food purchases and donations the past months .

Thanks for your awesomeness and all you do!

Funded by Homelessness (July 2023)