MuniciPolitics is a local civic engagement program dedicated to connect high school students with the political structure that affects them most and to promote engagement among youth through integrated, civically aware advocacy modules. By offering a practical approach to municipal politics, students will absorb transferable skills that will make them more active in their local community. MuniciPolitics will complement the traditional curriculum and introduce Grade 10 Civics students to the concepts of London City Council, community-building, and municipal services. The goals of MuniciPolitics are to engage, empower, and link students with the London community for the betterment of the Forest City.

Module 1: What is Civic Engagement?
What does it mean to engage in your community, what does it mean to participate democratically

Module 2: What is Your Spark?
Provide opportunities for students to evaluate what possibilities are available in the field of volunteerism
Establish ties within the London Community so that students can transition into areas they are concerned about

Module 3: The Political Process
How civic engagement can be mobilized through participation
ie -LYAC discussion catalyst for students

Module 4: Advocacy
Understand the various outlets to create change
Connecting students with local initiatives that demonstrate advocacy

Module 5: Making your Message Heard
How to communicate effectively
Develop public speaking skills and/or presentation skills
Learn the benefits of public speaking and develop a sense of confidence

Module 6: Networking Mixer
Teaching the mechanics of networking by organizing an networking event specifically for high school students

Module 7: Economics
Budget game - juxtaposing the current budget in a game-like structure to analyze the priorities of students and London City Council

Module 8: Gender and Perspectives
Encourage reflexivity of how student’s gender and identity affects them biologically and sociologically.

Funded by London, ON (June 2013)