Fresh Energy Wellness

Fresh Energy Wellness is a hands-on community organization that provides fitness and nutrition-focused workshops to future leaders and their families in Wards 7 & 8. Our goal is to end childhood obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues among children living in Wards 7 & 8 through education, connection, and access.

FE workshops are 1.5 hours long hands-on learning experiences focused on nutrition and fitness held at various locations throughout the District. During our session, participants are introduced to fitness and nutrition activities that they can use in their daily lives. The activities are geared at building their self-confidence and encouraging them to make healthy food choices. They are also able to strengthen and refine their muscles through fun physical activities with their peers.

Each workshop is broken down into two sections. In the first section, we focus on fitness by encouraging daily movement, creating age-appropriate obstacle courses, jumping rope, hula hooping etc. This also promotes team building and self-confidence among our future leaders.

In the second half, we dive into nutrition. The activities we led during this section helped participants become aware of the textures and flavors of food, and their grouping while understanding and identifying nutritious foods. Each participant is encouraged to create a colorful healthy snack using fresh products provided FE. We also play a variety of different games to strengthen their memory and improve team-building skills. A few of our favorite games for this Fall include: good foods vs bad foods, mystery bag healthy snack--inside the bag they will find different healthy foods with a recipe card to create that healthy snack.

Funded by Washington, DC (October 2022)