The Chicken of Change

This idea started out as the result of a tragic incident at my house, and from a strange dream that triggered images of an art project. A beautiful red chicken showed up in my driveway, and I wanted to keep her safe. I tempted her with chicken feed and food scraps, and she started sleeping in my front yard. Eventually I taught her to go into a crate so I could transport her to a rescue. The night before I was supposed to take her to a rescue in San Francisco, I saw her in the yard as we all got ready for bed. I called my 2 rescue dogs into the house, but could only find one of them. I ran around the house, and then into the yard. I saw feathers all over, but could not find the chicken or my dog. Panicked, I ran back to the house, calling for my dog. I found her happily trotting out of my bedroom. I turned on my bedroom light and found my red chicken, dead, covered in blood, with feathers all over the room. My sweet rescue dog had killed my rescue chicken. Devastated and blaming myself, I never slept in that room again. Since then I have wanted to create a memorial to that poor murdered chicken.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (January 2023)