You Are Here ATL

I was born and raised in the middle of the city of Atlanta, GA - I have so many memories tied to every nook and cranny of the city that it's impossible to go anywhere without remembering something from my past, it feels like a tapestry of my own life whenever I drive around. I feel like most people are the same way; this city really resonates with the people who live in and visit it, and I'm passionately curious to see what their different experiences are. I'm in love with the idea that different things happen in the same space at different points in time; I might have had a nice lunch with my family in a place that someone was dumped only a year before, or the day before. Every spot in the city has a certain kind of history.

My project is to chronicle and compile these memories and map them all out in the same plane. I want to experience the city through others' memories, and give people the chance to do the same. I'm using this grant to build a physical map of the city that I can place in a gallery and let people interact with, hands-on. They can pin their own memories to the space and go through and see memories that have already been added. The project is largely based on collaboration - over time, the content of the map will grow, and people will be able to revisit it. There will be a web component that runs alongside the physical map, compiling everything into Google maps and twitter to be searchable and easily accessed.

Funded by Open Web (April 2013)