Video Bleep

Video Bleep is a 360 degree surround-video immersive, interactive mind control bubble. Our goal is to produce a mobile, extra-sensory canvas for both audio and visual artists to play with the environment and brainspace of our visitors. The project is based on a 30' diameter professionally fabricated dome tent with an opaque white skin made of flame-retardant tarp fabric. This skin provides an interface for our three 4300 lumen projectors mounted outside of the dome. Projected visuals surround the visitors gathered inside this captivating space, and are also clearly visible to those outside of it. Our visual artists create video tailored for hemispherical projection while our musicians and DJs create sonic soundscapes or dancey beats. This is done via custom software built by our CAD team.
The Video Bleep dome is a canvas for art of mind-blowing dimensions, art that surrounds you, and interacts with you. Having total control over perception allows manipulation of frames of reference, suspense of disbelief, reactions, and even equilibrium. Participants will be able to control the speed, color, and brilliance of video via joystick, Wii-motes, and Kinect interfaces. We are developing interactive content for the dome so that visitors will be able to play games and navigate unreal worldscapes. We hope to work with the City of Cambridge to bring it to the community this summer, and with local artists to develop even more visual and sonic content.
Here's a video of some custom-software we are designing:

Funded by Boston, MA (April 2013)