South Side Book Fair

I am organizing the first, to my knowledge, South Side Book Fair. The event would be like the Scholastic Book Fair, but unique to the South Side. We will have local book vendors & organizations like Open Books, Pilsen Community Books, the Public Library, Haymarket Books, Liberation Library, and many more. Open Books will have kids' books for free. Also, every vendor will be bringing books in both English and Spanish. We are also having a free plant-based cooking class going on in the afternoon that folks are more than welcome to participate in. I am also working on trying to create a storytime component as well as a coloring room. Lastly, my colleague and I are planning to have a bilingual tour of The Plant.

The event will be family-friendly, but if folks want to get a beer, they can do that from Whiner's taproom.

Funded by Chicago, IL (May 2022)