We Drank Tea & Stars

Imagine creating a tiny, magical book, in collaboration with all your favorite writers, living and dead...

Imagine finding a dreamy little book of secrets in your local "Little Free Library," hidden beside all the Dan Brown remainders & "Favorite Fondue Recipes"...

My daughter Jericha and I are love-fiends for tiny, beautiful books. (Have you ever seen "Dime Store Alchemy" by poet Charles Simic, about Joseph Cornell's collage-boxes? If you have the book in your hands you can't help but desire it....)

So we finally created one of our own. The poems are collages of sentences from favorite authors (Borges, Welty, Maldoror, de Quincey, Sappho, Orwell, Baudelaire) and the illustrations are strange, funny, detailed color collages. Thanks to some unexpected magic, the whole thing works together, language and image, to offer a single soulful vision.

Now it's time to print the book and give it to friends, family.... and total strangers.

In recent years, "Little Free Libraries" have popped up on front lawns everywhere, as an expression of pure generosity & gift economy. People build LFLs to meet neighbors, get kids interested in books, make the world feel like a kinder place. They're full of junk and miracles, like Joseph Cornell boxes on American suburban street corners.

So our dream is to drop 146 numbered copies of "We Drank Tea & Stars" in 146 "Little Free Libraries" in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Why 146? Because we're asking for funds to print 150, and we're offering four to the Awesome Foundation as a righteous bribe,) Each book will include instructions for reaching a cozy website where those who found the books can meet each other, share their dreams & favorite books and... create some shared work of their own.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (March 2022)