Our Faces Our Voices

My project is a series of k-8, in school murals depicting my art students' faces entirely through text. Post-pandemic, our school walls were sanitized and repainted, blank, bleak, and institutional. In an effort to empower the students and grant ownership over their environments, we are taking back the walls of our hallowed hallways and the outside walls seen by the entire community. Portrait murals will be a chance for students to photograph themselves, trace their portraits, scale them to fit our walls, and build images out of text. Students have shown great interests in font design such as bubble, block, and wild style lettering. Their own words will be the motivational messages seen in their daily walks to and from their classes.. They will see their words, their faces, and know their worth. Their artwork will be a daily reminder to parents, staff, and students. We are here to secure the futures that we all deserve. Their words and faces will stand 8-10 ft tall reminding us all of their great potential.

** This project has been funded through funds honoring the memory of Mark Rogovin, a celebrated and beloved muralist in Chicago. These funds are specifically marked to support projects that benefit public art in the Chicago area.

Funded by Chicago, IL (February 2022)