Black Artist Research Space - Window Activation

Black Artist Research Space is currently producing a window activation and musical and/or literary performance within our gallery/project space in Baltimore’s historic Seton Hill neighborhood, located at 426 W. Franklin Street.

The purpose of the window activation and opening-day performance will be to honor and highlight the history of Black Baltimore while also acknowledging the practices of Black creatives today. The window activation would be a spatial design similar to shadowbox store window displays and it would display objects, imagery, and projection (for night-time viewing) that holds cultural significance to the city and Black life - including prominent figures, spaces, events, publications, objects etc. A QR code would be featured within the window display to direct pedestrians and those passing the space to learn more about the window activation and the history it highlights via BARS’ website. The work and display would also invite visitors and viewers to learn more about the work and values of Black Artist Research Space. A core value of our work is centered on research and history as it relates to the creative work of Black and POC artists. It is critical, now more than ever, to keep the roots of Baltimore’s Black history at the forefront given the increase in neighborhoods facing redevelopment and gentrification. Unpacking and centering the history of Black Baltimore.

The gallery is situated within the Bromo Arts District, along the populous Franklin Street corridor. Our daily viewers and audience would include the Bromo Arts District community, Baltimore residents, and local artists/creatives.

Funded by Baltimore, MD (October 2021)