La Raiz Community Magazine

La Raiz Magazine is a new community publication based in San Jose, California that publishes visual art, poetry, short stories, essays, articles, interviews. The goals are to publish a diversity of perspectives and connect the larger community to contributors via a free public event. Contributors receive one free copy and an invitation to present their work at the free online launch event in November. The magazine will consist of 30-40 pages of work by 25-30 contributors.

La Raiz Magazine prioritizes contributions from residents of San Jose, residents of Santa Clara County, and encourages participants from communities that are traditionally marginalized, excluded, or under-served such as women, girls, and those who identify as BIPOC. There will be two free poetry-writing workshops in Fall 2021 that are specifically relevant to women and girls.

To make submissions accessible, one free submission entry is considered per person. The project includes two free writing workshops to support new poems by emerging and experienced writers. The contributors and community will be invited to participate for free in the online event in November.

As editor and administrator of the project, I have promoted two rounds of submissions and received 63 entries as of August 20th. I am currently scheduling the writing workshops with San Jose based community partners.

The magazine will be available for free via the Roots Artist Registry website ( and is created with the support of The School of Arts and Culture at MHP (San Jose, CA). La Raiz Magazine is supported, in part, by the CALI Accelerator Program of the Center for Cultural Innovation and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW of Santa Clara County).

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Funded by San Jose, CA (October 2021)