Project MakeADifference

Our project aims to tackle two pertinent issues in the community with food waste being one and children deprived of a memorable childhood the other.

The first issue, with regards to food waste will be tackled through means of composting and usage of the compost to garden edibles. Food waste will be obtained through a plethora of sources including school canteen waste & food waste from external F&B Outlets and other public institutions. Our team has already reached out to Food Bank Singapore for this matter, and they are keen to provide food that has not met their standards or food that has expired for composting. For the purpose of composting, we aim to purchase 2 proper compost bins externally, and taking inspiration from those build our own in-house compost bins and build as many as possible with the budget available and compost as much waste as possible in the timeframe given

The second issue tackled by this project, namely children being deprived of a memorable childhood due to factors beyond their control, would be done through the crafting and designing of puzzle pieces in house through means such as engraving/pasting an image onto a wood board and then laser cutting it to size. Our team has chosen to reach out to the Children's Society for this purpose and will be donating these puzzle pieces as a Donation-in-Kind to them. We hope that through this initiative, we will be able to add a little joy to the lives of needy children as we want everyone to enjoy their childhood memorably. We believe that jigsaw puzzles are the perfect gift to donate as not only would it keep the child challenged and engaged, it would also develop the cognitive skills of the child and be a much better alternative to spend time on rather than mobile games for instance.

We hope that through these initiatives, we will be able to Make A Difference to the community and leave an impact, as we found these issues to be pertinent, yet solvable through small actions and initiatives.

Funded by Singapore (January 2021)