PrimeAbility Biking Program

My name is Alex Clark and I am the founder of PrimeAbility; a youth development program with the mission of building communities and inspiring the lives of young people through fitness. I am also the physical education teacher at Dunbar High school (Washington, DC).

On August 5th, 2020 I posted on multiple FB pages, sent hundreds of emails and had many sleepless nights to acquire funding in order to start a biking program that would keep kids active and off the streets. Over the summer we lost two students due to gun violence and it motivated me to create a program that would refocus their mindset and start to look at the world in a different way. Three months later it is now November and we have served over 200 students in Washington DC and have impacted the lives of so many just through the power of cycling.

Cycling has not only given them something constructive to do with their time, but it has created a team, a family and community for many of our students who need it. Students are invested and proud to be apart of the program and when we ride in packs of 40-60 young people every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, students take pride in showing onlookers that they are now trained and responsible riders. Students are prideful that in just three months, they were able to step outside the box, and change their perspective.


Instagram: @primeability

Funded by Washington, DC (December 2020)