Future Pacific

I will present an immersive, site-specific installation at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami which opens to the public on November 14th, 2020. With support from the National Science Foundation and informed by the research of marine ecologists, this installation will reveal the hidden beauty of coral reefs and bring attention to their vital role in the environment. Converging art, science, and technology, this project aims to cultivate environmental stewardship in the local community and provide a platform for researchers who work to preserve and protect endangered marine ecosystems.

“Future Pacific” will feature large-scale, unfired clay structures that resemble architectural ruins, covered with textures sourced from coral reefs. Eventually, the clay will dry and crack, creating the visual effect of a fossilized reef. I will invite the local community to participate in building the installation through a series of free, public workshops. During these sessions, I demonstrate techniques in mold making and hand forming clay.

The finished exhibition will be documented in a video and feature the workshops along with footage of building the project. A virtual reality component will provide an immersive experience for viewers who are unable to attend the exhibition in person. The public may view and download a PDF publication online, which will feature photographs of the project, information about the art and science collaboration, and images of the diverse species of corals that make up the textures in the exhibit.

Funded by Miami, FL (November 2020)