InnerAlly: Building Resilience from the Inside Out

Being a college student is an emotionally challenging experience, especially during the uncertainty of the pandemic. Students are at risk for isolation, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy coping with drugs and alcohol.

Rather than waiting for students to struggle, InnerAlly will equip these students with a set of invaluable tools to protect and support their emotional wellbeing in this challenging time.

The InnerAlly Process helps students craft a kind and supportive inner voice as a way to build emotional resilience. While this may not sound earth shattering, a supportive inner voice is actually associated with myriad positive mental health outcomes. Using InnerAlly, students can step into a fun, character driven way to practice self-compassion, leading to awesome results.

InnerAlly methods are research-based, including the design of 16-character cards that allow students to play their way to emotional wellbeing.
Dr. Phelps has tested and refined this process over the past 4 years with coaching clients and in workshops. Now it’s time to apply InnerAlly to a community that desperately needs it, college students. Right now, there is a crisis on campus because mental health services are fully booked, severely limiting students' access to help.
By providing students with these tools, we don’t have to wait for them to develop depression, anxiety or unhelpful coping mechanisms. We can be proactive and give them the tools to thrive.
The younger generations are role models for taking mental health seriously and casting off stigma. Millennials spend 40% of their disposable income on wellness, and 72% of Gen Z say managing stress and mental health is their most important health and wellness concern.

A city is only as awesome as it’s people, and an investment in our college students and their emotional resilience is an investment in the future awesomeness of San Antonio.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (September 2020)