Keep DC Rolling!

I recently birthed a solo socially conscious mobile bicycle repair and education workshop that serves all of Washington, DC. I aim to promote transportation equity and accessibility, through bicycles!

My 5-year background as a professional mechanic and educator allow me to provide empathetic, informative at-home bike lessons (mechanics and riding skills) and tune-ups, meeting clients where they are at both with knowledge and location.

Many folks who bike for transportation do not have cars, and with the pandemic sadly don't feel safe traveling on public transit. If their bike is broken or unrideable, they become essentially stranded, or at very least have trouble getting their bike repaired.

Full-price repairs and used-parts donations help subsidize free or discounted repair sessions for folks who need it. Built into my mission is an aim to help anyone feel comfortable and safe on a bike -- no matter their income or where in the city they live. All folks should have access to safe, healthy, and affordable transportation - and biking provides all three! Plus a dose of fun and freedom.

I do all of this without a motor vehicle - just traveling and hauling supplies with my cargo bike and trailer - to keep things as green as physically possible.

Funded by Washington, DC (October 2020)