Sky Vision is a charity that was started years ago by optometry students at Southern California College of Optometry who noticed there were many low income children who needed glasses but were't able to afford them. Seeing this happen day after day in clinic brought the students to action. From there came about the "Students Karing for Youth Vision" charity. Monies for this charity is raised by the students through various projects and fundraisers like "Penny Wars," "SKY Vision concerts," selling baseball, hockey, and basketball tickets. The frames our currently donated by pour own fraternity, Omega Delta. In the future, we plan to solicit donations from frame companies. Our goal is to provide polycarbonate lenses to our youths. Polycarbonate lenses are lighter and are higher impact resistant than standard plastic lenses and is required by law for all minors who need glasses.
Imagine going to school everyday trying to learn but the board or reading material is always blurry. It would turn anyone away from wanting to learn. Vision is a vital part of the learning process. If kids cannot see clearly, they cannot learn the basics of being AWESOME.
As future optometrists, it's our job to start spreading the word of basic vision care and providing that quality care to our patients. It starts now, even before we are officially licensed doctors. We're grateful for any contributions made to our charity because every dollar counts and every dollar helps a kid in need see clearer!

Funded by LA South Bay, CA (February 2013)