ALIEN CSI 21st Century STEM Experience

Alien Crash Site Investigation is a hands-on, experiential-based STEM/STEAM program which promotes skills and mind-sets in: team leadership, personal responsibility & resiliency, and environmental sustainability. Utilizing select pop culture trends within an environment which encourages outside-of-the-box thinking and reasonable levels of self-autonomy, we acclimate youth to a habit of self-motivated learning and achievement. We are also concerned about the lack of STEM-proficient teachers at the K-12 level and wish to provide an experience which increases career interest and proficiency in traditional and peer-to-peer/near peer teaching among our youth and adult participants.

The storyline which serves as the theme of ACSI is a student group is out “hiking” and stumble upon an alien crash site. Students must complete an analysis -- who, what, when, where (from), and how – of the site. This experiential story expands to include real-life “alien“ contact response, as well as Earth and non-Earth terraforming simulations.

Funded by Cleveland, OH (June 2020)