Veganfestival 2020

Vegan Festival 2020 will be a large scale plant-based food, education and entertainment event happening in the capital of Latvia – Riga - on August 29th. This year Vegan Festival will take place in the very heart of the city - Vermanes park. The event will involve approximately 100 vendors (mostly plant food and vegan products businesses) and attract around 10 000 visitors.
We aim to create or increase the interest of companies to explore plant-based business opportunities, attract positive media publicity about veganism and plant-based food and inspire thousands of individuals to reduce or discontinue use of animal products by offering unique chance to try a large variety of tasty vegan meals. Different educational activities during the festival - lectures, workshops, cooking classes – will raise public awareness about health, animal and environment protection benefits of vegan lifestyle and meat reduction. We also plan activities for families with children and exhibition of infographics explaining benefits of veganism.

The format of festival is a great way to promote vegan eating amongst those who don't consider themselves vegan (yet?) - the festival visit comes with no strings attached, everyone is welcome to taste different vegan foods without having to become vegans right away. Usually around 75% of attendees aren't vegan, which makes the event a great form of vegan outreach.

Funded by Vegan (March 2020)