This is an epic project. I'm doing a fingerprint painting of LGBT icon Harvey Milk. This is the first time, a fingerprint painting is done using thousands of people's fingerprints and mostly from activists. This is the largest collection of fingerprints from historic people that made the movement. The branches that I pursue are lawyers/plaintiffs in US Supreme Court Cases for LGBT, celebrities that gave the movement household visibility, religious figures who branched off into acceptance, HIV/AIDS activists, and victims of hate crime. Some notable people are Cleve Jones (AIDS Quilt mastermind), Phyllis Lyon (founder of the first Lesbian Organization), Presidents of Equality California, Plaintiffs against Prop 8, Mayors of San Francisco etc. I bring my painting that is roughly 6x8 feet to each person's house and have them affixed their fingerprint onto the painting, one person at a time. It's sadistic. Then I video interview them.

Here is a short snippet of an interview

Kate is the head of the National Center for Lesbian Rights for 23 years and have a strong hand in most national legal cases for LGBT rights. It's ok if you don't know who Kate is, that's the point, people and students will.

But wait..there's more. Using Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality the observer can pull out the interviews from the fingerprints. Using Augmented Reality, students can place a Harvey Milk into their classroom and hear first hand accounts of the history and current struggles of the movements for the LGBT curriculum.

I have done this all by myself, as an artist, as a mathematician and as a programmer. I need help. I'm almost done, there's thousands of people on it already.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (March 2020)