The Cornerstone Creative

The Cornerstone Creative is an after-school youth mentorship woodworking and craftsmanship program. We exist to be a place of safety, hope and learning for the youth in Gloucester MA. We strive to create a space where personal growth can take place by building something new, restoring something old, creating something from nothing, dreaming big and working hard - both internally and externally; physically and emotionally. Teaching life skills and instilling qualities like problem solving and attention to detail. Cultivating a space for personal, social and professional growth, job training and goal setting. It is our goal to create an environment of trust, support, and creativity; forming positive relationships and mentorship. Within those relationships, challenging youth to reimagine their futures while providing the tangible steps to reach their full potential. Apart from the after-school program/mentorship side of The Cornerstone Creative, we also envision the workshop space as a place that the entire community can utilize. We hope we can eventually provide classes on woodworking/handy skills for the whole community as well as host events that support other small businesses, organizations, ministries, and other grassroots efforts!

These grant funds are needed to purchase technologically advanced, injury safe power tools with built in safety stops to prevent accidents and injury. Additionally, our program will be using the remaining funds to purchase work stations for projects and school work, and an air purifying dust collection system

Funded by Gloucester, MA (February 2020)