The Good Listening Project

The Good Listening Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. Founded in December 2018 (one year ago), our mission is to promote good listening to improve healthcare outcomes. Our programs in hospitals and healthcare environments recognize the healthcare experience as more than just physical, and are designed to improve listening skills among individuals and institutions.

We are passionate about supporting patient safety, nursing resilience, and physician wellbeing. One of our primary services is setting up "listener poets" to model good listening and support individuals directly. We also do workshops, trainings, and tutoring on good listening for hospital leaders and other staff.

Formerly known as Poets in Residence, we've just changed our name and are relaunching as The Good Listening Project in January 2020.

I gave a talk about our work at the Mayo Clinic in October; you can watch the video (8 minutes) here:

Funded by Washington, DC (December 2019)