Spontaneous Art Washtenaw County tour

Life is a temporary event. As the quality of our lives is based on the quality of our slipping moments, Spontaneous Art aims to bring strangers together for moments of authentic social connectivity and flashes of creativity. We create interactive performances in which bystanders become part of the act and strive to offer opportunities for spectators to shape the direction of our pieces. To reach its full potential, Spontaneous Art’s performances both investigate and depend upon the inventiveness of strangers.

With the assistance of the Totally Awesome Foundation we would like to create 2 in five towns (Chelsea, Dexter, Saline, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti) for a total of 10 performances in two months. We would make a surprise visits to downtown areas and infuse the crowds with joy, laughter, strangeness and sincere interpersonal connections using a variety of performances and costumes. The key here is variety. We would not want to do the exact same performances for all the towns in case any of the performances got media coverage- we would rather keep the locals guessing what costumes and skits would be appearing.

*How do I upload more than one image to this application? All our projects can be seen at spontaneousart.org.

Funded by Ann Arbor, MI (August 2012)