Write On!

Formed in 2013, Write On is a volunteer run weekly writing program for female inmates in the Monroe County Detention Center. This is a transient population, some women are there for a few weeks, others for months. Write On volunteers bring notebooks, pencils, and erasers for the women to work on themselves through the written word. On occasion, volunteers also work with women who transfer from the MCDC to state prison. Volunteers continue to keep in touch with the women through letters, notebooks and writing prompts.
Writing is a wonderful way to develop a better understanding of oneself. Writing allows the women a unique freedom to safely and honestly look inside themselves. Many women report that the writing improved their lives by changing how they reacted to life events. Writing is a simple, inexpensive, life-long tool. It is better to learn how to write out feelings, rather than express them in inappropriate ways.
Write On volunteers created a blog (writeonpublished.wordpress.com) where, at the writer’s request, their work may be posted for family and friends to read in the hopes they see the progress that is possible while incarcerated. This outlet also provides the women the opportunity, after their release, to look back at their growth while incarcerated.
Due to Covid-19, Write On has not been to the detention center since mid-March. However, with the assistance and support of Director Keena Allen and other MCDC staff, Write On continues to provide notebooks, pencils and writing prompts for women who are interested in writing.
With the money from the Awesome Foundation, Write On will continue to provide writing supplies to incarcerated women in Monroe County. In addition, Write On volunteers will work with Key West Island Books bookstore to order books to inspire the women to write and tell their stories.
Thank you, Awesome Foundation!
Write On!

Funded by Key West, FL (December 2020)