The Splendid Sewing School

Liberia is one of the poorest nations in the world. 54% of Liberians live below the poverty line and need awesome ideas, skills and opportunities to lift them out of poverty and improve their lives.
Our sewing school will equip poor young people with the skill of sewing and nurture their creativity to produce unique and affordable items for impoverished communities. Our project will thus ensure that those from poor backgrounds can enter employment and help poor communities access much-needed items.
We will:
-Develop young people’s creativity by supporting them to design and produce Liberian-inspired, affordable school bags that showcase Liberia’s culture and provide poor children with a necessary school item
-Teach young people how to make school uniforms to provide affordable uniforms
-Create regular income for young people living in poverty

-Create opportunities for regional and international export of locally made products
We’ll support students in developing their creative thinking, marketing and business skills. Students will be taught how to make unique school bags and will be mentored on understanding their customers through market research, conducting a competitor analysis, developing creative ideas that are locally-inspired for the design of the schoolbags and developing marketing campaigns to reach their target audience. Students will work together to implement what they’ve learnt to create their first collection of school bags, market them and sell them.
We’ll teach students how to make uniforms for local schools. Once trained, students will be supervised as they begin making uniforms, uniforms will be inspected and once deemed fit for sale they’ll be sold at an affordable price to poor families.
Being able to afford these two school items provides children with some tools for success and improves confidence.
Once students master these products, they’ll design and produce more items, but they must be affordable and address a societal need in Liberia.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (January 2020)