Unidentified Persons of New York

Thousands of men and women have passed away without anyone being able to identify them. They are known now only as John and Jane Doe in the national cold case database of unidentified persons.

New York City alone has over 400 of these cases. The Someday Known Foundation is a nonprofit organization seeking to give each unidentified person their rightful name by providing families of missing persons with a unique resource tool in their search for an answer.

Building on the success of the publication of their "Unidentified Persons of Wisconsin" in April 2019, this AwesomeNYC grant will help create and publish "Unidentified Persons of New York," a free educational booklet full of case information which will be distributed through nonprofit organizations, search and rescue teams, and advocacy groups working directly with families of the missing. This booklet will be made available in spring 2020 during New York's Missing Person Awareness Month.

Someday Known also runs www.theunidentified.org, a safe-for-work cold case database and advocacy website. They will share progress updates on "Unidentified Persons of New York" throughout the year on their Instagram account @deathclues, a visual gallery of items and artifacts found at real death scenes of unidentified persons in an attempt to crowdsource identification information.

Funded by New York City, NY (October 2019)