Books in the Park

My name is Kristi Rowekamp and I am an Interventionist at Hopkins Elementary in Moorhead. Many of the students that I work with express to me that they don’t have books at home or at least not the ones they like to read! Moorhead Public Schools is providing a mobile lunch program to certain parks this summer and Moorhead teachers have been volunteering to help with activities there and giving out “books in the park.” A few Hopkins teachers have been going to Belsley and Queens Park on Wednesdays to connect with kids and hand out books. Moorhead kids ages 1-18 are coming to get lunch from the program so we are seeing that we need a wide range of books! This grant will help us get high interest books in the hands of kids that may not have summer transportation to the libraries or quality books in their homes. Thank you so much for the opportunity to put more books in our kids hands!

Funded by Cass Clay (July 2019)