The Bus Stop Project

I love making things that make people smile. A few years ago, I won some money and decided I wanted to use some of it to help others so I went and bought $500 worth of fleece at Joann Fabrics and made over 200 fleece infinity scarves for adults and children and left them with a “random act of kindness” note at bus stops all over the city of Buffalo in the dead of winter. Everyday, I'd drive around and leave more if they were gone and did it until all of them were given away.

I’d like to do it again on a larger scale this time. I’d like to do scarves again but I’d also like to make tie fleece blankets and give them to the homeless. Big (5’x9’) blankets that would keep them warm and bring them comfort. I will put my scarves at all bus stops I can get to on all sides of the city. Literally North, South, East and West Buffalo!

Funded by Buffalo, NY (August 2019)