Tokens for food - Reducing food insecurity

I heard an awesome news story on the radio this week. A small farmer's market in Spryfield, NS started a unique initiative of using tokens for food, see link below:
The idea came when vendors were loosing sales because they couldn't accept credit/debit cards. The market set up a booth with a SQUARE account where patrons could buy tokens (5$ value) to use at the market. They also accepted donations and some of the tokens could be donated to the local food bank to give out. This way, vendors would have no way to know who purchased the tokens and who received them from the food bank.
This improved access to healthy locally produced food to people who otherwise could not afford it.
Our market looked into a while back but the cost of producing these tokens was prohibitive. So I spoke to Jeff Teasdale at CACL who was so excited about the project and is working on prototypes for us.

Funded by Antigonish, NS (September 2019)