Cluefest 10: FREE New Haven-wide Scavenger Hunt

The awesomeness of Cluefest10 will come to fruition at New Haven’s Annual Free citywide scavenger hunt. Cluefest is turning 10 and with a team of 6 co-organizers and a few dozen volunteers (an eclectic mix of New Haven citizens/residents), we are motivated and inspired to make it a memorable event our 300+ participants who will decipher clues to find unique gems scattered around the Elm City. Upon completion of the activity at each of the the 5 main stops, they will have the final clue in hand, which will lead them to the Secret Party Location (our best yet!) to celebrate the creativity, passion and spirit of all our new friends.

Participation has grown each year and on the hunt we see infants (strapped to their parents) to retirees gleefully scurrying around New Haven after figuring out the amusing, and sometimes perplexing riddles. Despite the dramatic growth, the fundamental mission and spirit of Cluefest has remained true to its founding members’ (The Group with No Name, a.k.a. TGWNN) intentions of offering a free and fun-filled day for people to learn about New Haven and its treasures, both old and new.

With the Awesome Grant’s support of Cluefest, we will be able to execute our most ambitious Cluefest to date and hopefully inspired others to create more awesomeness for New Haven and other CT neighborhoods, i.e. Bridgeport held their inaugural Cluefest in 2011 and we got wind that a past Cluefester has transplanted this idea to….wait for it….Cambodia!! Some of our other sponsors included the United Way and New Haven Chamber of Commerce, but we have yet to reach our fundraising goal.

We hope you are just excited as we are and plan to join us on Saturday, July 21st, 2012 for an what will be an epic day.

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Funded by Connecticut (June 2012)