Kids/Youth Zone at the Kingston Pride Festival

The Kingston Pride Youth Council would like to organize and facilitate the first ever Kids/Youth Zone during the Kingston Pride Community Fair which takes place on Saturday June 15, 2019. In the past, the Community Fair has been marketed to people of all ages, but there is a lack in dedicated spaces for children and youth that promote fun and healthy well-being.
KPYC plans to spend the next few months organizing a number of activities for this Kids/Youth Zone including, but not limited to, family-friendly, street side entertainment, giant inflatable rides (i.e., bouncy castles and slides), family picnic area, Drag Queen Story Time hour, face-painting, crafts, and public art space for the LGBTQ+ community to tell us exactly what Pride means to them (we are thinking massive chalk murals along Ontario Street!).
Further, part of the money will go to purchasing prizes for high school students that submit projects to our LGBTQ+ History of Rights and Activism contest. 2019 marks a significant year for Pride with it being the 50th year since the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada and the 30th year of Kingston Pride. To commemorate this milestone, these projects will be part of a travelling exhibit around Kingston during Pride Month in June. The Kingston Pride Youth Council has already secured studio space at Duncan McArthur Hall, Queens University, and we are in the process of securing space at City Hall during the June 15th Community Fair.
In conclusion, we, the youth that make up the first ever Kingston Pride Youth Council, are turning to you, Awesome Kingston, to turn our ideas into fruition. We are dedicated young people looking to make a difference in our community. When we speak to adults about our ideas, they are in awe of our empowerment, something they did not have when they were young, hiding their true selves from a bigoted society. Help us grow and truly embrace the theme of this year's Pride festival - Remember the Past, Create the Future!

Funded by Kingston (April 2019)