Trespass Theatre

Trespass Theatre is a monthly theatre program that finds local, emerging artists of various disciplines and challenges them with creating one night only performances: sometimes plays, sometimes experiences, never the same, that will be free and open to the public. These performances could be short plays based on local history, for example, or a forum theatre piece in a public park that uses improv to explore the problems facing the local community, or they could explore something entirely new!
As a company, one of our goals is to create a widespread number of pieces and events that anyone in the South Bay can access and enjoy. Trespass Theatre accomplishes that by encouraging the community to consider anywhere as a playable and creative space, while also spurring turnout to areas that may not receive as much attention otherwise. It seeks to be as diverse and welcoming as San Jose itself. Instead of being held to a single location, these events will be spread across San Jose, from East Side to Downtown, in order to reach audiences that may not have regular access to performance art. This allows Trespass Theatre to be flexible, personal and completely new every month. We are looking to start Trespass Theatre in May, on the 25th, as part of our monthly rotation of shows, at a time when the weather is enjoyable and people are out and about again.

Funded by San Jose, CA (August 2019)