This month, I applied for and was awarded the Derek Lieu Residency Program at Hole in the Sky Collective in DC. The focus of the residency is on creating a one-night-only art show on May 18, 2019.

I pitched a show concept called FUNLAND. Rather than simply coming through and looking at paintings I have done, FUNLAND is an interactive installation show that explores the trials & tribulations of being a local artist using carnival attractions like a shooting gallery, photo booth, fortune teller booth, and more.

FUNLAND will operate for a single night (May 18) inside Hole in the Sky's 1,000 square foot space. Hole in the Sky has generously provided me with workspace, some materials, and a very modest budget. I am requesting an Awesome Foundation grant so that we can make even higher quality attractions, pay the actors who are participating as "ride operators", and buy high-quality prizes that attendees can walk away with that night.

Funded by Washington, DC (March 2019)