My Own Raincloud

Jeff Chelf is just dying to make his own rain cloud. The Raleigh-Durham chapter of the Awesome Foundation is just dying to give him the money to do just that. So we have. Now Jeff will create a bicycle with a perpetual shower over the rider's head (that's him). As he rides through the streets of Raleigh and Durham he will be stuck under a perpetual storm while spectators watch from the sun.

Why? Because watching someone ride a bike around getting soaked would be a joyous, perplexing, and likely entertaining experience. The project will challenge us all to examine our usual avoidance of rain, and engage with a new crowd each time the bike goes out for a spin. Having struggled with his own personal raincloud in a figurative sense, Jeff wants to put this darkness out into the light to turn the metaphor around.

Funded by Raleigh, NC (January 2019)