Vegan Awareness Drive

We are starting a six month vegan drive filled with movies, food demos, cooking demos, lectures and more in the city of St. Pete The point of this project is to gain more plant-based supporters in the area. Our team was part of the group that aided the Pinellas County School Board with creating 10 plant-based meal options. The school board will be eager to expand past 10 meal options if demand is high and we want to help this! We want parents to know the option is out there and why it is healthy. W e want community members to be involved so they will know the benefits in petitioning their school board to add more plant-based options for children. We are also creating a petition to urge law makers to remove the clause in the Federal ***** that mandates cow milk be served at schools.

Page 4146 of the Federal register.states:
Restrictions on the sale of fluid milk. A school participating in the
Program, or a person approved by a school participating in the
Program, must not directly or indirectly restrict the sale or
marketing of fluid milk (as identified in paragraph (d)(1) of this
section) at any time or in any place on school premises or at any
school sponsored event…..”
We are collecting signatures to change this mandate.

Funded by Vegan (November 2018)