This Could Go Boom!

Your soundtrack for destroying the patriarchy.

This Could Go Boom! is a brand new record label that curates, creates, manufactures, promotes, and distributes the musical work of gender marginalized people. We believe that these musical voices are vital and must be documented, celebrated, and shared. We believe that it is important to collaborate with diverse members of the music community including producers, engineers, publicity experts, videographers, stylists, journalists etc.

We are incorporated in Washington D.C. and have obtained 501 c 3 non-profit status. We believe in the robust and diverse Washington D.C. music community and want to always be mission driven rather than profit motivated.

Founded by female identifying musicians, This Could Go Boom! envisions a world where music informed by and created from gender diverse perspectives is normalized rather than tokenized, fetishized, or marginalized. We envision equal representation on the airwaves, online, at music festivals, and in positions of power and influence throughout the music landscape.

Conceptualized in a year when the #metoo movement brought real life experiences to the forefront, This Could Go Boom! seeks to challenge the norm in popular music and in the cultural landscape by championing intersectional gender diverse voices, narratives, and experiences through recorded music.

This Could Go Boom! will release full-length albums, compilations, 7 inches, and EPs digitally and on vinyl. We will provide our artists with national marketing and press campaigns, will help plan and facilitate tours, will solicit placement on streaming playlists on behalf of artists, and will gain distribution for all of our releases. We will also provide training and experiential opportunities. The success of each project along with grant writing, events, record label membership and individual donations will fund the next project.

Funded by Washington, DC (October 2018)