Bringing Inclusive Dance to St. Paul

St. Paul and District Arts Foundation has recently recognized the need to further integrate their programming, in particular their dance programming. To do this, they approached Solidance Inclusive Recreation about running two workshops to bring integrated dance to the community in St. Paul. Integrated dance explores the creative possibilities of moving in a space that is friendly to all abilities. The two workshop are a a community workshop introducing the disability community and their friends and family to integrated dance and a workshop for instructors with the St. Paul and District Arts Foundation to introduce them to the basics of inclusive, accessible arts instruction.

What our grantee is saying: "The grant will mean that we can take on a project that is near and dear to our hearts - exposing more people to the joys of inclusive dance. This would not happen without the support of the Awesome Disability Foundation."

What our trustees are saying: "I voted for this project because I believe that the $1,000 in funding will be implemented to scale - meaning they can pull it off for the money and it is providing a direct series of experiences to multiple recipients in their community. I think it is an effective use of $1,000 to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.​"

Funded by Disability (May 2018)