"The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new places, but in seeing with new eyes" (M. Proust)

How many times have you walked down the same streets, over and over again, without even stopping to discover the tales the walls of your city can tell?

Another Scratch In The Wall Street Art Tours are here for it! Guided by journalist and Urban Art blogger Clara Amodeo, you will get to know not only the history of this cultural movement, but you will also learn to understand and appreciate the "art" behind a "scratch" in the wall.

Two hours full immersion walking tours focused on a specific area or on a certain topic developed in original ways by different artists, to understand that beauty is truly everywhere... if you learn to recognize it.

But this is not the end of the story. In fact, Another Scratch In The Wall is also a blog that from 2014 has been telling lovers and neophytes stories and news on the magical world of Graffiti and Street Art, in Italy and around the world: interviews, reviews, travel stories and much more enrich the pages of what, over the years, has become a real point of reference for this particular form of art.

The intention of Scratch is therefore to evolve into an editorial team that, thanks to the contribution of different contributors, can present itself to the general public as a real webzine, equipped with social channels for regular publications and share.

The webzine will also function as an information channel for Street Art Tours: here people will choose the theme they prefer and book it through the calendar.

Funded by Milano (October 2018)