Home Street Music

I have always been drawn to helping the homeless community but really never knew how to get deeply involved. One day I was asked what my dream project would be in my own community and out came the vision of Home Street Music. I wanted to bring music workshops & classes to the homeless community in order to help build community, restore confidence, reclaim dignity and empower individuals who have experienced homelessness.

Since beginning this journey, I have realized just how much hard work and dedication is required of me in order to really see this dream through. I will say that I want nothing to get in the way of me sticking with this. I have seen huge transformations take place just in the 16 weeks that I have been holding music circles with people who have been homeless for most of their lives. Their radiance, confidence, joy, and creativity has exploded before my eyes and I feel so sure that I am doing exactly what I need to do right now.

Every week, we meet up at a wonderful place called Community First! Village in East Austin. We gather in a circle and chat about life while we settle in. Then once everyone is there, we begin our creative exercise for the day. This changes, but often involves writing, singing, playing together, and sharing. We always have a musical jam and then a closing song. Through these simple creative exercises, people feel comfortable sharing what is inside of them, and they begin to realize just how creative they truly are. I believe that we are all born creative beings, but somewhere along the way, we lose that ability to identify as artists. I hope that through these music circles, each person who comes gets more in touch with their innate creativity.

In the two pilot sessions, which have totaled 16 weeks, we have seen so many songs written, heard amazing poetry, and witnessed extremely shy and/or traumatized individuals able to share and eventually laugh together and know they are supported in this journey - all through music.

Funded by Austin, TX (June 2018)