Regret Project

There are few things we hold to tighter or with more persistence than our regrets. But Grayson Earle believes that if our most painful secrets are unlocked and voiced, they can teach and inspire others, and maybe transform us in return. Awesome Foundation-NYC awarded its $1000 June grant to Grayson’s Regrets Project, which solicits the regrets of anonymous visitors to its website and then transforms them into public art on the streets of New York. Having wrestled with regrets in his own life, Grayson hopes the project will bring catharsis to some of those who find the ability through it to share their dashed or deferred dreams. And once transformed to art, those regrets of the past may inspire a few of the passerby to reflect on the values guiding their present life, and reorient their futures. The world seems hungry for the project — Grayson says on average 20 regrets are submitted per day and the number is rising — and the grant will allow Grayson to expand into new media including video and other interactive forms.

Funded by New York City, NY (June 2012)