South Bend, IN

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The South Bend Awesome Fund is dedicated to supporting people, ideas, businesses, and causes that will make the South Bend area even more Awesome! The Chapter meets on a quarterly basis to award three $1000 grants. Finalists are selected one week prior to the quarterly meeting and are required to give a 5 minute presentation at the quarterly meeting. Following all presentations, Chapter Members will vote and award three $1000 grants to the top three vote recipients. The Chapter's Summer quarterly meeting will be held at 6pm on Sept. 8, 2020 at location TBD (may be virtual)

Submissions for the Spring Quarterly meeting are due by 5PM on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020.

Submissions should highlight how grant funds will be used to make the South Bend region even more Awesome!

Any submission not awarded a grant at a quarterly meeting is welcome to apply for a future meeting.

Even if the date of a future quarterly meeting has not been set, applications are open (please apply).

DISCLAIMER: The South Bend Awesome Fund reserves the right to publish information regarding finalists and grant recipients to the media and general public.

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