Resurrect Neighborhood Parks

The award-winning Resurrect the Roses Project in Leeper Park is growing it's brand into NEW NEIGHBORHOODS. We have decided to Create multiple, new Neighborhood Parks throughout the City, over the next five years.
OUR FIRST NEW PROJECT is on the near West side, adjacent to the El Campito Day Care site, on a vacant lot on West Thomas Street, not far from the Studebaker Museum.
THIS VACANT LOT is the former site of the St. Stephen's Church, which was demolished many years ago. It sits unused, and neglected. It will be turned into a peaceful, tranquil park/garden, to benefit the neighborhood.
In addition, a portion of the Park will house a Learning Garden for the day Care students of El Campito to learn about growing vegetables, so that the children can take what they learn back to their families, to start growing their own vegetable gardens at home.
The Project is working with several neighbors to encourage them to continue their residential rehabilitation work, by giving them a new Garden/'Park for their neighborhood.

Fondos becados por South Bend, IN (August 2019)